Lead role in Sony adv "Milan, Fleeting moments" directed by Giacomo Arrigoni

“My film tells the story of romance in Milan. I hoped to portray the visual journey of a couple, through the hallmarks of one of the most vibrant Italian cities.“ Director Giacomo Arrigoni Sony tasked some of the most exciting, emerging directors from across Europe to offer a fleeting glimpse into their city. All shot on Xperia Z5 from Sony. I'm proud to be the lead of the "Fleeting Moments" adv shot in Milan by Giacomo Arrigoni! Enjoy the video! Gledis xxx

New production in London!

I am happy to be part of "Complex", a new project by Scottish director Scott Forrest. In "Complex" I will be performing the role of Iris: a mysterious woman who knows how to manipulate Damon, the main character. Below, concept art for the roles of Damon and Iris by Jamie Forrest. Can't wait to begin production in London! :) For updates: www.complexneonoir.com www.facebook.com/complexshort www.twitter.com/Complex_film Gledis

Loop official poster released

The official poster of short film Loop has been released! Here I play the lead role directed by Ilaria Bendazzi. What do you think? Pubblicata la locandina ufficiale del cortometraggio Loop della regista Ilaria Bendazzi dove io interpreto la protagonista. Che ne pensate?

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