Roberto Burchielli - Director of "Non Smettere di Sognare" and "Sguinzagliate 


"There are actors whom is a real pleasure to work with, because they embellish each of your shots, because they pick up the nuances of your story, because they committ to the job with humbleness, knowing that a character is built with devotion and sacrifice. Gledis Cinque is part of this selected group of artists. Every time I work on a project, Gledis is always among the first people I think to involve. She's like a talisman, when she is on set I know that everything will be fine, and that I'll be happy with the final result of my work.

Gledis Cinque rule of lead

Giacomo Arrigoni - Director of "The Rule of Lead"


"Gledis has a feature that is visible straitght away and is common to talented actors: she looks versatile, without frills and superstructures, she is open, malleable. She is ready to absorb the features of the character she is going to interpret, like a blank canvas waiting for strokes of colour. What struck me is the work she did on herself in order to become the lead for my film, a character very far away from her and her life experiences: a rough and wild teenager who hides a great need for love and friendship behind the tough mask she is wearing. We dedicated several meetings to rehearsals and character exploration and both in preparation and on set Gledis brought developments and improvements to the character and the script dialogues. Seeing her at work was a very enlightening experience."

Monica Castiglioni - Director of "Miriam - Il Diario"


"What struck me immediately about Gledis is her artistic professionalism, she is a capable and serious young actress. She was perfect in the role of Miriam, playing her contradictory characteristics with passion and freedom of expression. The result is a very natural female character who is able to move contrasting feelings in the viewer."

Maria Grazia Perria - Author and screenwriter of "Miriam - Il Diario"


"The first time I met Gledis was during the screening of a short movie shot by students of the Scuola del Cinema of Milan where she played a small part. I was struck by the spontaneity and measure of her acting. I immediately thought I wanted to work with her. The next experience, this time while working on a feature film, confirmed my first impression. Now I am waiting for the next opportunity.

Eugenio Villani - Director of "Ischidados"


"Gledis is a fascinating actress full of surprises. On set, her shy and reserved nature is transformed into a strong personality that allows her to tackle difficult scenes also under the physical point of view. The intuition she had in modelling the lead character in Ischidados enriched my work as a director and allowed me to bring to light new aspects of her character. She has been professional and patient, features that are essential especially for demanding sets like those of genre films."

Ilaria Bendazzi - Director of "Loop"


"Despite her young age, Gledis has a lot of experience, a quality that she is always happy to share. While filming she has been constructive and gentle. I hope to work with her again!"

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